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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comfort and lack of style

Have you ever driven in a car that is so comfortable that you feel like you're sitting in your favourite chair in your living room?

If so, then you probably took a test drive in Chevy mini-van.

Most likely the modified version where some idiot removed the front passenger seat and replaced it with a rocker-recliner.

Like any good Valley boy, I tell you no lies.

The OPP sent out a press release this week about seat belts and how important it is to buckle up. In that release, they refer to this clown from Wendover (near Prescott and Russell - NOT in the Ottawa Valley. Repeat: NOT in the Valley) who plucked the seat out of a van and threw in this recliner.

According to the OPP, this isn't such a good idea. Something about it not being bolted to the floor of the vehicle. Could get killed if you crash. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Two things burn me about this:

1) If you're going to put in a recliner, think comfort. That chair looks like he found it in a ditch somewhere. Probably thrown out when my granny cleaned out her living room circa 1978 and removed all chairs that had the type of upholstery (refer to: "wool" in your dictionary) that caused severe itchiness and reeked of Peter Jackson cigarettes and mothballs.

2) Any intelligent person knows that a recliner needs to recline. There's simply no room to put your feet up in that van. Sheesh. Some people are so stupid.