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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waging war on the earwig army

Attention all earwigs who regularly read this blog: beware. I am declaring war on you and all of your freakin' relatives.

Yup, you read it here first.

The war has begun for the liberation of Marshall-land.

It's not going to be pretty. In fact, it's going to get ugly. But I will be victorious.

And children will read about this bloody battle in their history books, and look at this as a turning point in world events - the day that man proved he was smarter than insect.

For the past few weeks, an army of earwigs has desceneded on my house. They occupy my dishcloth. They have set up camp near my garbage can. They use my kitchen sink as an exercise area. They have claimed any bag of chips or loaf of bread that sits open on my countertops.

And I am not alone.

After an exhaustive campaign to find out if anyone else in the neighbourhood has been invaded, I realize this earwig blitz is not limited to my place. Actually, I only emailed one person - but in the recent heat, even typing was exhausting. But this person also has earwigs running around his house.

But not for long.

I have had it with earwigs scurrying across my kitchen floor. I need to take it up a level.

I have Googled. I have drawn up a blueprint for war.

What exactly will I do? I'm starting off old school: stomping, squishing and squashing. But I will be relentless.

I have won the battle with ladybugs. I have taken out the flies. Now the earwigs are in my crosshairs.

If you have any other ideas on how to get rid of this little bastards, just let me know.

Forward ... march!


  1. I share the war with you, Brother! Here in Sandy Hook, I have employed the magic poison dust - it's in crannies all over the outside of my house.

    But I think they're engaging in psychological warfare; the morning after I put out the dust, I found one in a piece of tupperware! GRRaaaGH!

  2. I have no idea if this really works but I remember the old biddies talking when I was younger and this is what they said. You need to put out dishes of water with dishsoap in them. The theory is that they will be drawn to that instead of hanging out in your food, etc. Then when they get in there, they can't get out and I guess the soap kills them. It's not the fastest or most elegant way to get rid of them but it might help save the sanity by keeping them out of your food at least until you find other methods.

  3. Yikes, earwigs are horrid little insects! I too have run across them, however usually outside in my child's sandbox. For in the house, ensure there is no open or uncovered food around and that the house is uncluttered/clean. I think the wayer dish with the soap may be a good idea, but also seal any small cracks or areas where they can get in. Best of luck ridding of the creepy little fellas!

  4. If you have ever seen an earwig in your home, you will be able to notice their slender and long bodies and also their eerie movements of the body. Something that is creepier than that is the myth that gives them their name. The reason why they are coined the name earwig is because of the old European myth that says that these insects with long, slender and flat bodies are able to crawl into the ears of sleeping people and leave behind eggs in the brain.
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