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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring skiing Valley style

There is something to be said about being the first to do something.

In the Valley, there always seems to be unofficial races to be first.

People want to be the first to do many things each season: race the snow machine down the road after a few flakes of snow fall; hit the golf course while there are still patches of the white stuff on the fairways; open their golf course for the season (see: Highlands, Calabogie); walk around in shorts and a T-shirt at the first sign of spring; grab the first box of fries from Wes' Chips or the first cone from Scoops in Pakenham; and the list goes on.

But there are some lads in West Carleton who can lay claim to being the first to - are you ready for this? - to water ski on the river.

West Carleton Review reporter Derek Dunn pulled together this story about some diehard water skiers who were out for a leisurely ski on March 10.

Anyone ever see that Seinfeld episode about shrinkage?

(Above photo taken by Derek Dunn / West Carleton Review)

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