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Monday, March 22, 2010

Stating the obvious: No more ice means no more ice fishing

The mercury is climbing and the ice is disappearing off the lakes and rivers.
And the true Valley person is sad to see the ice fishing season come to an end.
No more sunny afternoons on the ice or in the shack, curled up with a book in hand and a beverage on the table.
You have to find something else to do with your weekends now.
Gardening? Nah.
Home renovations? Nope.
How about working on a new fish shack for next winter?
Now there's a plan.
Better start soon, because if you don't get the yard work done and get the projects on the honey-do list underway, you just may be sleeping in that shack for a long time.

On a sidenote, here's a photo of a true fish shack colony. About a decade ago on White Lake we had about a dozen shacks and thought it was a village on ice. How about this metropolis of about 600 shacks in Quebec?

Check out more photos on this cool blog posting:

And for a real laugh about ice fishing, check out this classic clip from the Rick Mercer Report.

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